Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Fun contest!

Now that it's that time of year for Farmer's Markets to be in full swing,KCB will run a Farmer's Market contest. I want your local Farmer's Market Recipes!!!!! Yes give me your this time of year recipe.

I was making some cream of potato soup this morning and thought I would love the hear other people's favourite summer recipes.For the month of August you can submit one recipe a week for a weekly draw of one Pumpkin Pie Scrub (MY FAVOURITE FALL SCENT). Please be orginal and willing to share your recipe, I will be posting them up on my blog or Facebook.Pictures would be great if you have them too!

Whoever makes a purchase for the month of august will be entered to win one FREE year subscription of soap (if you are local the soap will be dropped off monthly, if you are not local they will be shipped in six bar incements so that will be two shipments)

There will also be a dinged end of season sale put up by the end of the week!
PLEASE SUBMIT RECIPES TO kcbathhouse@gmail.com

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