Saturday, April 2, 2011

YEAH it’s K&C’s Bathhouse one year anniversary this month

We have so much new stuff going on here!

Here’s what’s new
Soapy POPS are now avaible in Choco-mint, Creamsicle, Raspberry Creamsicle, Neapolitan and Monkey Farts!!!!!
Introductory Soapy POPS price $5.50 ea.

Also new Dubble Bubble Bath Dough, This fun dough makes lots of bubbles in the tub fun. All you do is scoop out a walnut size amount run it under running water and watch the bubbles appear. I’ve been working on this formula for about a year so I’m super proud and excited about it. These Will be avaible April 7th.

Body Butters are another addition to the Bathhouse family
I love this creamy butter that doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind and it has some super skin loving ingredients in it like, Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Jojoba oil just to name a few.
Enough with the serious stuff that’s get on to the super fun April contest!!
The contest I need help renaming a scent and you will WIN a Whipped soap and Body Butter of this scent.
The name of the scent is Winter White at the moment and well that name just doesn’t work year round so I need your help.
HERE IS THE FRAGRANCE DESCSRIPTION - If you lived in the North Pole and walked out of Santa’s Workshop and took a deep whiff, what would you expect to smell? Winter White is designed to invoke a subtle twist on clean air mint with notes of Spearmint, Peppermint and exotic Water Mint. Of course, at Santa’s Workshop, you won’t be surprised to find a few notes of Chocolate and Hot Cocoa wafting out of the windows as well. This blend is finished up with a beautiful soft dry down of Vetevyr and delicate West Indian Vanilla. This is a very nice light fresh scent!
On April 30 I will choose the winner amongst all the entries.
You can enter this contest either on my blog or emailing

Keep your eyes peeled for one more HUGE contest next week.

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  1. Soft Spring Chill? I think it works well with everything but the chocolate aspect. But when your chilly, who doesn't want hot chocolate anyway?!